Next week's business in Parliament

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MONDAY - Commons: questions to Transport ministers and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster; Appropriation Bill, all stages; Licensing (Sunday Hours) Bill, Child Support Bill and Criminal Appeal Bill, Lords amendments; Local Government Elections (Changes to the Franchise and Qualification of Members) Regulations; Housing Benefit (General) Amendment Regulations; Social Security (Income Support and Claims and Payments) Amendment Regulations; motion on Parliamentary Pensions. Lords: Atomic Energy Authority Bill, Committee; Broadcasting (Restrictions on the Holding of Licences) (Amendment) Order; Broadcasting (Independent Productions) Amendment Order.

TUESDAY - Commons: Health questions; Prime Minister's questions; debate on report on Metropolitan Railway Grant; Fishing Vessels (Safety Improvements) (Grants) Scheme; Fishing Vessels (Decommissioning) Scheme; Appropriation (Northern Ireland) Order. Lords: Disability Discrimination Bill, report; Criminal Appeal Bill, Commons amendments.

WEDNESDAY - Commons: summer adjournment debate, followed by backbench debates on Government policy towards French nuclear tests and attack on Greenpeace ship, Cleveland County Council (case of Stephen Spayne), and good governance policy in relation to Burma; Environment questions; debate on report of Select Committee on Standards in Public Life; debate on Sport. Lords: Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure; Criminal Injuries Compensation Bill, Second Reading; Queen Mary and Westfield College Bill, Second Reading.

THURSDAY - Commons: not sitting. Lords: Criminal Procedures (Scotland) Bill, Second Reading; Proceeds of Crime (Scotland) Bill, Second Reading; Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Bill, Second Reading; Criminal Procedures (Consequential Provisions) (Scotland) Bill, Second Reading; Disability Discrimination Bill, Report; Draft Legal Advice and Assistance (Scope) (Amendment) Regulations.

FRIDAY - Commons: not sitting. Lords: Medical (Professional Performance) Bill, Committee; Local Government Elections (Changes to the Franchise and Qualification of Members) Regulations; Fishing Vessels (Safety Improvements) (Grants) Scheme; Fishing Vessels (Decommissioning) Scheme; Updated Code of Audit Practice for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England and Wales; Contracting Out (Highway Functions) Order.

nBUSINESS TODAY - Commons: Backbench business - Olympic Symbol (Protection) Bill, Lords amendments; Insurance Companies (Reserves) Bill, Lords amendments. Lords: Defence estimates debate; Sexual Orientation (Discrimination) Bill, Second Reading. Q&A Written Replies MAJOR'S DAIMLER: It costs the taxpayer pounds 110,000 a year to keep the Prime Minister on the road in his official dark green Daimler Majestic, it was disclosed last night. John Major said in a written reply that the figure included security measures such as bulletproof glass and reinforced bodywork, maintenance, and the cost of a chaffeur from the ministerial pool of chauffeurs. Like his predecessor, Baroness Thatcher, Mr Major travels to almost all his engagements by car.