Nigel Farage hit by an egg on Ukip campaign trail in Nottingham


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Nigel Farage has been hit by an egg whilst campaigning in Nottingham.

The Ukip leader clambered into his car after the egg was cracked on his head by an anti-Ukip protester.

The Nottingham Post reported that the anti-Ukip protester who threw the egg was holding a placard that said “sad, scared old men.” The egg thrower gave his name as 'Fred.'

Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch remarked that after Farage failed to stand as a candidate in Newark earlier this week, it was a case of "egg hits chicken."

It has not yet been confirmed whether the egg was British. However some commentators remarked on Twitter that the leader was no longer a political outsider now he had been egged. 

Ed Miliband was hit by an egg whilst campaigning in Southampton last August. John Prescott was also famously egged as well as Ruth Kelly, the then Education Secretary, who was pelted with an egg by a Fathers 4 Justice campaigner in 2006.

It is not the first time Nigel Farage has been attacked by a group of protesters however. In January the South East MEP was was met with an angry group as he approached the Walpole Bay Hotel with demonstrators shouting and one man jingling a purple tambourine in Mr Farage’s face.

He was then bashed on the head with a sign that said "Nasty Little Nigel."