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British men are the least popular choice of lover for Europeans, according to a survey published today.

Based on the views of 10,000 men and women in 15 countries, the survey by Durex, the condom manufacturers, is a study of European attitudes to sexual behaviour.

The British are the most caring of Europe's lovers, the survey found. Almost half (47 per cent) regard their partner's feelings during sex as a top priority - compared with 22 per cent of German and 36 per cent of Spanish people questioned. British people also lose their virginity at a younger age than their European counterparts. World-wide, Mexicans emerged as even more considerate, with 50 per cent saying their lover's satisfaction was of premium importance.

Americans start their sex lives earliest and are most sexually active - having sex 135 times a year against a global average of 109. The least active are the Thais at 64 times a year and Spain at 71 times. Ros Wynne- Jones