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The dredger which ran into the Marchioness has sunk, it was disclosed. The 260ft-long Bowbelle - sold and renamed twice since the tragedy in which 51 people lost their lives seven years ago, broke in two and went down 500 miles off the coast of Madeira in March, its Portuguese owners said. One crew member died and six others escaped. Lloyd's of London confirmed the sinking but said it had attracted little attention because few had connected the Bom Rei, its last name, with the Bowbelle.

Margaret Lockwood Croft, whose 26-year-old son Shaun was among those who died in the tragedy on a late night private birthday party trip in London in August 1989, said: "We always warned that the Bowbelle would come to an end like this. Not only did its visibility problems mean that it had a series of collisions, but also we said there were structural problems." Labour's transport spokeswoman, Glenda Jackson, called on the Department of Transport to investigate: "There have now been two tragedies involving the Bowbelle, and yet ships of identical design continue to operate freely around the coasts of Britain," she said. PA