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"There is a deep suspicion there are no rules in this Assembly to which we can abide, only rules governed by the Secretary of State."

The Rev Ian Paisley

Democratic Unionist Party

"This motion is not about me, either as a politician or a person. It is not about any individual. It is about this Agreement and my conviction that I will do everything in my power to make sure this Agreement works."

Seamus Mallon

Deputy First Minister

"We will not be giving any credibility to the structures being put in place. In my party we have another agenda - to demolish and bring down this affront to democracy."

Cedric Wilson

Leader of Northern Ireland Unionist Party

"We stand on the threshold of great change."

Gerry Adams

Sinn Fein President

"I will use every ounce of my power and influence to frustrate and thwart Northern Ireland being pulled into a united Ireland."

Peter Robinson,

Minister for Regional Development

"One cannot suppress the fundamental principle of democracy, that those inextricably linked with armed terrorists cannot participate in democratic institutions."

Bob McCartney,

an anti-Agreement campaigner

"These people [Democratic Unionist Party]ran away three years ago and have sniped away at us from the reserve trenches ever since."

Alan McFarland

Ulster Unionist Assembly Member

"My heart is full of hope and gratitude."

Mary McAleese

Irish President