On the Factory floor - Manchester's finest dance venue

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1) Opened in Whitworth Street, Manchester, in May 1982.

2) Originally, New Order, the 1980s electronic-pop band, were joint owners, along with their Factory record label.

3) The Hac (as it was known) pioneered the house music genre in Britain, way before London clubs got in on

the act.

4) Largely responsible for the `Madchester' scene of the late 1980s.

5) Firearms incident forced closure for several months in 1991 - allegedly related to drug-culture gang warfare.

6) In September 1996 launched successful Freak Night as a reaction against big-name DJ corporate clubbing.

7) Once-a-month legendary gay all-nighters

8) Britain's first ecstasy victim, Claire Leighton, 16, suffered fatal internal bleeding after taking one tablet at the Hacienda.

9) Charged clubbers pounds 40 a ticket for New Year's Eve bash in 1995 to see Todd Terry

10) On 30 June 1997 police revoke club's entertainment licence and it shuts with debts of pounds 500,000.