Peculiar internet challenge called 'extreme phone pinching' trends on social media

People are dangling their iPhones over balconies or gaps in drains

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Those seeking an adrenaline hit used to get their kicks from extreme sports such as bungee jumping, rock climbing or kayaking.

Now, a peculiar internet challenge called "extreme phone pinching" has people dangling their iPhones over balconies or gaps in drains. 

The craze was started by indie pop band Twenty One Pilots, according to The Mirror, and challenges people to hold their expensive gadgets over dangerous drops and gaps.

A hashtag was quickly started - #extremephonepinching - on Twitter and users began to post videos and pictures of their own version of the challenge.

Here are some videos of the challenge which have been shared:

While the trend seems relatively benign, previous viral challenges have been more controversial.

Last year, the Neknomination craze reportedly led to the deaths of five people.