Al Murray: 'Ed Miliband's a twonk'

The pub landlord handily beat the Labour leader in a poll - then slated him

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Al Murray, comedy Pub Landlord and candidate in the General Election, has labelled rival Ed Miliband a "twonk".

The character, who has pledged to brick up the Channel Tunnel and furnish the voting public with a "British moon on a British stick", clearly fancies his chances in May's elections.

In a poll deciding who would make the best Prime Minister, Murray came second with 26.3 per cent, behind David Cameron. Miliband came third and Ukip leader Nigel Farage, who Murray is competing against in South Thanet, was fourth in the poll conducted by Hotwire.

"This poll shows that there is room in the bland world of British politics for someone who isn’t afraid of being an actual character," Murray told The Sun.


"I don’t want to speak out of turn here, but the party leaders are out of touch: Not one of these people has pulled a pint in their lives, let alone driven a forklift for cash.

"Clegg is like a mug you’ve glued the handle back onto, you wouldn’t want to fill him up again Miliband is in the dictionary under 'Twonk', Farage has a French surname so is clearly a sleeper agent of some kind.

"And Cameron runs the country like you’re supposed to shine him his brogues as a favour in return," Murray said. "If ever there was a time for common sense, the time is now.”