Alaska Airlines CEO Bradley Tilden admits his luggage was lost by his own airline

And not for the first time, either 

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An airport CEO experienced the same feeling of dread passengers do when their suitcase does not appear on the conveyor belt after his luggage was lost by his own airline.

Bradley Tilden, the CEO of Alaska Airlines, admitted his luggage had been misplaced as he attended a summit in Washington DC, the LA Times reports. 

His bag was lost despite the airline’s promise that luggage is delivered within 20 minutes of the passenger reaching the gate or they recieve $25 in credit towards a future flight. 

“The media is here and I'm hoping that you don't write this down and print it,” he told an audience at the summit. Fortunately for Mr Tilden, his bag was recovered and returned to him the next day. 

Mr Tilden revealed the airline also misplaced his bag 25 years ago.