Andy Murray's mum Judy leaks details of his wedding to Kim Sears to the press

The tennis coach and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant regaled one tabloid with dates and engagement details

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Andy Murray’s face was no doubt the epitome of delight when he opened up the tabloids this morning and glanced down at the most recent interview his mother, Judy Murray, had afforded them.

Because she’s managed to spill all the details of his forthcoming wedding to long-time partner Kim Sears, embarrassingly including the very manner in which he asked for her hand in marriage.

"The wedding will be next October – but I won’t be dancing," the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant assured The Mirror.

"I am so happy that Andy has got engaged, it was very exciting when it happened. I’m thrilled to bits about the engagement. He was very traditional and called Kim’s parents beforehand. He is very traditional like that. I definitely won’t be dancing at the wedding, that’s for sure.

Andy Murray and his fiancée Kim Sears

"It’s going to be next year, maybe October time. I think he just wants to start being engaged before he starts doing all that."

However, she said, she’s stopped short of transforming into mother-of-the-groom-zilla, and has conceded to letting them "choose exactly what they want to do for their wedding".

"It’s completely up to them," she added.  "I don’t know if the wedding will be in Scotland."

She added that the former Wimbledon champion, who was the best man at a friend’s wedding last Saturday, had already asked her to "show him the Waltz in case he has to dance with one of the bridesmaids".

In true Murray style, he broke news of his engagement to Sears on 26 November   ̶   the same day he announced the ending of two of his longest and strongest tennis relationships. Dani Vallverdu, one of Murray’s closest confidants and a key part of his coaching team, and Jez Green, one of his two fitness trainers, both parted company with the World No 6.