Angela Merkel lookalike in lesbian magazine advertisement

The German Chancellor believes 'marriage is a man and a woman living together'

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A German magazine aimed at gay women has launched with a provocative new advert appearing to show Angela Merkel in a lesbian relationship.

The short clip, promoted on Twitter and swiftly picked up by German newspapers, features an actress bearing a strong resemblance to the country’s leader looking out of a window before being joined by a younger woman.

As ‘Merkel’ looks out of her window a radio reports that 62 per cent of Germans are in favour of gay marriage – but the actress playing Ms Merkel simply shakes her head before the younger woman kisses her.



Straight! Magazine's tweet was accompanied by the caption: "Everyone in Europe hates Merkel? Apart from this woman..."

It comes just a week after Ms Merkel insisted that marriage should only be between a man and woman – much to civil rights campaigners’ chagrin.

Ms Merkel, a committed Christian who has been married twice, told YouTube personality Florian Mundt (better known as LeFloid) that “For me, personally, marriage is a man and a woman living together.”



The chancellor went on to say that she remained committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination and that she was a committed proponent of registered civil partnerships.

Following Ireland’s historic decision to allow gay marriages, Ms Merkel ruled out a similar change in Germany in May.