Angelina Jolie tells BBC Arabic the US 'must hold ourselves accountable for what we do' after CIA torture report

Her comments come in light of the recent report that accused the agency of using shocking interrogation techniques

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Angelina Jolie has called for the United States to “set an example” as a leading democracy and condemn the inhumane treatment of prisoners of war.

Her comments were made in light of the recent CIA torture report that accused the  agency of using shocking torture techniques that went beyond what was authorised by the US Justice Department.

The actress and UN ambassador told BBC Arabic that the country could not “expect to break certain rules and behave in a certain manner and [believe] that won't affect the way other people behave and won't encourage how other people behave”.

“So if we are to be who we represent ourselves to be as Americans and as a democracy, we have to lead the way and handle ourselves in a manner which is respectful to other human beings,” she added.


She went on to state that she and the citizens of the US “must hold ourselves accountable for what we do and how we behave - we have to be leaders in this world and we have to do the right things and make the right choices”.

“If we want everyone to behave in a certain manner we must lead the way.”

Jolie is also the director of Unbroken, a biopic about Japanese prisoner of war and Olympian Louis Zamperini.

The findings of the US Senate Intelligence Committee's report last week revealed the extent of shocking “enhanced interrogation techniques” used on terror suspect.