Ann Coulter says Ebola-infected US missionary is 'idiotic and narcissistic' for helping in Africa

The political commentator says Dr Kent Brantly should have tackled the "spiritual bankruptcy" in Hollywood before heading off to Africa

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Outspoken conservative author and political commentator Ann Coulter has denounced the efforts by an American aid worker to treat critically ill people in the Ebola-ravaged nation of Liberia as “idiotic”.

Not one to hide from controversy, Coulter suggested that Dr Kent Brantly, the missionary who has been flown back to the US for specialist treatment after contracting Ebola in Africa, was “narcissistic” for wanting to help the region.

She didn’t doubt the safety and security of Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, which is looking after him and has been subject to hate mail for doing so, but questioned why the US has to “deal with this at all?”

In fact she said that the physician, who was working for Christian charity Samaritan's Purse, should offer out his help at ‘home’ before jetting off to “disease-ridden cesspools”.

Writing on her website, she argued: “If Dr Brantly had practiced at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles and turned one single Hollywood power-broker to Christ, he would have done more good for the entire world than anything he could accomplish in a century spent in Liberia.


“Ebola kills only the body; the virus of spiritual bankruptcy and moral decadence spread by so many Hollywood movies infects the world.”

Doing this and helping uninsured writers and videographers would have been better than “marinating himself in medieval diseases of the Third World,” she claimed.

She said that America's Christians should serve their own country first and in sentiments shared by Donald Trump, suggested that he only had himself to blame.

“Why did Dr Brantly have to go to Africa? The very first ‘risk factor’ listed by the Mayo Clinic for Ebola - an incurable disease with a 90 percent fatality rate - is: ‘Travel to Africa.’ Can't anyone serve Christ in America anymore?

Video: Volunteer doctor in Sierra Leone talks about the Ebola virus

“There may be no reason for panic about the Ebola doctor, but there is reason for annoyance at Christian narcissism,” she ended the blog post with.

Coulter is the author of books such as: Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 - Especially a Republican; Demonic: How the Liberal is Endangering America; How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must); and If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans.

ebola-dr-kent-brantly.jpgEbola is a virulent disease which has swept across west Africa in the most severe and complicated outbreak in the history of the virus, and which has left the world on high alert.

It has killed almost 1,000 people in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria and has become an international health emergency.