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Births: Ovid, Roman poet, 43 BC; Henrik Ibsen, playwright, 1828. Deaths: Sir Isaac Newton, scientist, 1727; Brendan Behan, writer, 1964. On this day: the foundation stone of Dartmoor Prison, Devon, was laid, 1806. Today is the Feast Day of St Cuthbert, St Herbert, St Martin of Brage, St Photina and her Companions, St Wulfram and the Martyrs of Mar Saba.


Births: Johann Sebastian Bach, composer, 1685; Florenz Ziegfeld, stage producer, 1869. Deaths: Robert Southey, poet, 1843; Harry H. Corbett, actor, 1982. On this day: the Scottish National Gallery was opened in Edinburgh, 1859. Tomorrow is the Feast Day of St Enda, St Fanchea and St Serapion of Thmuis.