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Births: Cornelius Jansen, Roman Catholic reformer, 1585; Georges-Auguste Escoffier, chef, 1846; Evelyn Arthur St John Waugh, novelist, 1903; Francis Bacon, painter, 1909.

Deaths: John Wallis, mathematician, 1703; John Locke, philosopher, 1704; Ottmar Mergenthaler, inventor of the Linotype, 1899; David Jones, author and painter, 1974; John Braine, novelist, 1986; Henry Robert Hall, bandleader, 1989.

On this day: Michael Faraday made the first dynamo, 1831; the Statue of Liberty was dedicated by President Cleveland, 1886; an influenza epidemic raged, 1918; the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange began a world economic crisis, 1929; the House of Commons voted in favour of Britain joining the Common Market, with a majority of 112, 1971.

Today is the Feast Day of St Abraham of Ephesus, Saints Anastasia and Cyril, St Faro, St Fidelis of Como, St Jude or Thaddeus, St Salvius or Saire and St Simon.