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Mr Hugo Brunner, Mr Eric Lord, Sir Richard Southwood and Lord Camoys, to be Deputy Lieutenants for Oxfordshire.

Mr DA Hollis, to be Treasurer of the Middle Temple for 1994.

Mr Justice Waterhouse, to be Deputy Treasurer of the Middle Temple for 1994.

Judge Peter Crane, to be a member of the Main Board of the Judicial Studies Board.

Mr Thomas Richard Atkin Morison, to be a Justice of the High Court.

Professor Brenda Hoggett, to be a Justice of the High Court (to be known as Mrs Justice Hale).

Mr Gordon Young Lingard, to be a joint district judge for the districts of the Keighley and Bradford County Courts, and in the District Registry of the High Court at Keighley and Bradford.

Mr Charles Edwin Frederic James, to be a Circuit Judge.

Mr Jonathan Maurice Henty, to be a Social Security Commissioner and Child Support Commissioner.

Mr Stephen Williamson, to be leader of the North Eastern Circuit.

Lord Griffiths of Govilon, Mr Mark Malcolmson, Miss Judith Mayhew, Mrs Edward Norman- Butler and Sir Michael Richardson, to be Governors of the English- Speaking Union of the Commonwealth.

Mr Kenneth Morgan, to be Honorary Secretary of the English-Speaking Union.

The Earl of Selborne, to be Vice- President of the Foundation for Science and Technology.

Mr Michael Lumley, to be Steward of Worcester Cathedral.