Appointments: Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:



Captains: AP Hallett - Sultan; PD Stone - Staff of 2SL/CNH.

Commanders: CJ Gass - Invincible; RT Govan - Staff of 2SL/CNH; RRD'E. Head - Britannia; PB Hinchliffe - Spartan in Cmd; SR Kirby - MOD London; PH Robinson - Dryad; NP Wright - MOD London.

Chaplains: RJ Clancy - Cochrane; MJ Harman - Osprey.

Retirements: Surgeon Capt JR Harrison; Acting Capt ABP Armstrong; Cdr T. Jane: Cdr J. Molloy; Surgeon Cdr P. Litchfield.


Maj-Gen MD Regan, to be Director General Adjutant General's Corps.

Maj-Gen BH Dutton, to be Commander British Forces Hong Kong.

Brigadier: A. Fisher - to be Dir Catering (A) MOD.

Colonels: TPB Hoggarth - to be Comdt HQ A Music; JCL King - to BDS Washington; SG Middleton - to be CO AC Branch REME; DJ Ross - to RMAS; JR Brown - to DMSD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: NQW Beer QRH - to be CO The Queen's Royal Hussars; AN Bellamy QRH - to ARFPS (BAE); PJ Cable RAChD - to Pool of Chaplains UK; JF Crompton RE - to MOD; TGB Fish R Signals - to R Signals MRO; AH Johnstone R Signals - to be CO 15 Sig Regt; A. Poole RAChD - to Pool of Chaplains UK; RMM Sykes RA - to be CO 3 RHA; RM Thurston R Signals - to Royal Sch of Signals; CP Donaghy R Signals - to HQ Wales R and L Staff; KL Cogbill RAMC - to PH&DCS (G); SJ Isherwood RADC - to 5 Dent Gp.

Retirements: Brigadier AF Gordon Late RA; Col ME Mulhern Late QARANC.


Group Captain: RL Dixon - to RAF Mount Pleasant.

Wing Commander: SA Gracie - to Beaconsfield DLS.