Ashton Kutcher encourages men to explore their sexuality by 'kissing a dude'

The Two And A Half Men actor appeared on Conan to discuss a controversial fake gay marriage storyline

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Ashton Kutcher has a novel suggestion for men who wish to discover more about their sexualities.

Make like he did on Two And A Half Men with co-star Jon Cryer and experiment by “kissing a dude”.

Appearing on Conan to discuss the final season of the sitcom, in which the two’s characters enter into a fake same-sex marriage in order to speed along a child adoption service, he said:

“Jon’s my second male kiss on screen. My first one was in ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’

“Here’s the thing… if you want to know if you’re not gay, kiss a dude. If you feel nothing, you know.


“While Jon’s a wonderful human… there was nothing.

“It was weird because he had a little stubble, and now I understand the issue with the stubble. It’s a little scratchy and itchy.”

The executive producer of the show, Chuck Lorre, had previously publicly apologised for the storyline.


 “No offence is intended, and I hope none is taken,” he said.

“We’ve always been somewhat of an offensive show, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is going to be offending people. We can’t go out with dignity, because we’ve never had any.”