BBC criticised for not challenging Kelvin MacKenzie after ex Sun editor calls Scotland 'jockistan'

MacKenzie made the reference during an appearance on the Daily Politics show

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The BBC has been criticised for not challenging the journalist Kelvin MacKenzie after he referred to Scotland as ‘Jockistan’ during a live broadcast. 

MacKenzie is a former editor of The Sun who returned as a columnist this year over two decades after leaving his position at the newspaper.

He was at the helm when The Sun published the 1989 front page alleging that intoxicated Liverpool football fans had abused victims of the Hillsborough disaster and police, with the claims presented under the controversial headline: 'The truth'.

MacKenkzie provoked outrage on Monday during an appearance on the BBC’s Daily Politics show when he referred to the Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as “the lady who runs Jockistan” during a discussion about how much impact the Lib Dems could really have with only eight MPs in the house of commons.

When asked if he believed leader Tim Farron could make a difference by presenter by Jo Coburn, he responded: "He's got eight MPs - nobody cares, right, you know? We care more about the lady who runs jockistan." 

His comment was not immediately challenged, sparking a furious reaction on social media.

The Sun distanced itself from his comments. A spokesperson said: “Kelvin MacKenzie is a columnist for The Sun newspaper and therefore his opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper."

The Independent has contacted the BBC and MacKenzie for comment.