Bill Gates' biggest life regret is probably one of your already canned New Year's Resolutions

The Microsoft mogul told fans a few home truths during his Reddit AMA

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Not spending more time with his family? Losing millions on a business deal gone pear-shaped? Not telling them he loved them when he had the chance?

Turns out, Bill Gates’ biggest regret in life sits more comfortably in our 'New Years Resolutions To Do For A Week And Then Ignore' category than it does in 'Major Life Decisions'.

“I feel pretty stupid that I don’t know any foreign languages,” he told one inquisitive fan during a Reddit AMA on Wednesday. “I took Latin and Greek in High School and got As and I guess it helps my vocabulary but I wish I knew French or Arabic or Chinese. I keep hoping to get time to study one of these — probably French because it is the easiest.”


He even attempted to learn using free language app Duolingo for a while, but couldn’t keep up the practice.

Another reason to be deeply envious of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, then, who casually swotted up on Mandarin while developing the global social media platform for a 30-minute address at a Chinese university in October.

Although, according to this, he did sound like a seven-year-old with a mouth full of marbles when he did it.