Bill O'Reilly says 'traditional' Americans are being threatened by 'left-dominated' internet

Fox News host calls on conservatives to band together, like liberals have

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Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has said that conservatives are losing ground in the US because of, among other things, the far-left dominates the internet.

Mr O'Reilly, who hosts The O'Reilly Factor, is rarely shy about commenting on the "degradation" of conservative values. Earlier this year, he blamed hip-hop music.

But now, he has decided it is left-wing liberals, who apparently control the internet, who are to blame. Start at the 1-minute mark of the video.


"Conservative Americans find themselves demoralized seeing the Supreme Court siding with the left and the national news media promoting liberal causes daily," Mr O'Reilly said on his show this week.

"Outside of talk radio and Fox News, there are few non-liberal voices heard nationwide."

Despite the overwhelming amount of liberal voices referenced by Mr O'Reilly, he said polls show that people who identify themselves as conservative outnumber liberals two-to-one.

Given as a reason why those conservatives are losing ground in the US: The far-left is dominating the internet and the entertainment industry, including the journalistic media.


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