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Prince Albert of Monaco, 36; Sir Kenneth Alexander, Chancellor, Aberdeen University, 72; Miss Pam Ayres, poet, 47; Mr Ian Bruce MP, 47; Mr Michael Caine, actor, 61; Mr Jasper Carrott, comedian, 49; Professor Sir Colin Dollery, lecturer in medicine, 63; Mr Alan Elliott, Chief Constable, Cumbria, 52; Lt-Gen Sir Peter Graham, former GOC, Scotland, 57; The Hon Alan Hare, former deputy chairman, the Economist, 75; Sir Richard Hayward, former trade union leader, 84; Sir Philip Holland, former MP, 77; Mr Quincy Jones, composer and musical arranger, 61; Mr Gavin Laird, General Secretary of the AEU, 61; Air Chief Marshal Sir Douglas Lowe, 72; Mr John McCallum, actor and producer, 76; Lord Marsh, former chairman, Newspaper Publishers' Association, 66; Sir Eric Norris, former diplomat, 76; Mr Bill Owen, actor, 79; Sir Richard Parsons, former ambassador to Sweden, 66; Dame Betty Paterson, former chairman, North West Thames Health Authority, 78; Miss Tessa Sanderson, javelin thrower, 38; Mr Anthony Smith, President, Magdalen College, Oxford, 56; Miss Rita Tushingham, actress, 52; Mr John Wain, novelist, 69.