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Mr Richard Adams, author, 74; Mr Alan Bennett, actor and playwright, 60; Miss Candice Bergen, actress, 48; The Right Rev Cyril Bowles, Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Gloucester, 78; Miss Sheila Burrell, actress, 72; Mr Frank Chacksfield, arranger and orchestra leader, 80; Mr Terry Downes, boxer, 58; Mr Arthur English, actor and comedian, 75; Mr Albert Finney, actor and director, 58; Mr Carlo Maria Giulini, conductor, 80; Sir Joshua Hassan QC, former chief minister of Gibraltar, 79; Vice-Admiral Sir John Hayes, 81; Miss Glenda Jackson, MP and actress, 58; Mr Billy Joel, singer, 45; Mr Matthew Kelly, actor and television presenter, 44; Mr Gavin Lyall, author, 62; Miss Geraldine McEwan, actress, 62; Dr Roy Massey, organist and Master of the Choristers, Hereford Cathedral, 60; Dr Bernard Rose, organist, 78; Miss Joan Sims, actress, 64; Admiral Sir Victor Smith, former chairman, Australian Chiefs of Staff Committee, 81.