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Mr Rob Andrew, rugby footballer, 30; Mr James Bredin, television archivist, 69; Miss Helen Gurley Brown, author and magazine editor, 71; Miss Phyllis Calvert, actress, 78; Mr Jos-Maria Canizares, golfer, 46; Mr Dane Clark, actor, 80; Miss Jean Cooke, painter and lecturer on art, 66; Miss Sinead Cusack, actress, 45; Mr Huw Davies, rugby footballer, 34; Mr Roy Dean, former diplomat, 66; Mr Phillip DeFreitas, cricketer, 27; Mr Len Deighton, novelist, 64; Lt- Gen Sir Donald Dunstan, former Governor of South Australia, 70; Professor Edward Edwards, former vice-chancellor, Bradford University, 79; Mr Cyril English, president, Nationwide Housing Trust, 70; Mr Milos Forman, film director, 61; Sir Charles Frossard, a judge of the Courts of Appeal of Jersey and Guernsey, former Bailiff of Guernsey, 71; Sir Eric Gairy, former prime minister of Grenada, 71; Mr Graeme Garden, actor and scriptwriter, 50; Dr James Houston, Emeritus Physician, Guy's Hospital, 76; Mr Russell Hunter, actor, 68; Sir Peter Laurence, former ambassador, 70; Mr Peter Luff MP, 38; Miss PrueLeith, cookery editor and restaurateur, 53; Mrs Yoko Ono Lennon, artist, 59; Mr James Macgibbon, publisher, 81; Professor William McKane, Hebrew and Oriental language scholar, 72; Sir Arthur Norman, former chairman of De La Rue, 76; Mr Jack Palance, actor, 73; Mr Bobby Robson, head coach, Sporting Lisbon football team, 60; Miss Greta Scacchi, actress, 33; Mr Ned Sherrin, television presenter and producer, 62; Mr John Travolta, actor, 39; Sir Max Williams, solicitor and former president, the Law Society, 67; Lt-Gen Sir John Wilsey, GOC, Northern Ireland, 54.