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TODAY: Mr Russ Ballard, rock musician and singer, 45; Miss Barbara Bel Geddes, actress, 70; Mr Eddie Charlton, snooker player, 63; Mr Michael Collins, astronaut, 62; Mr Hugh Cruttwell, former principal of Rada, 74; Miss Dale Evans, actress and singer, 80; Viscount Falmouth, Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall, 73; Dr Ian Field, secretary, BMA, 59; Mr Dick Francis, novelist, 72; Miss Lee Grant, actress, 63; Mr John Gunter, theatrical designer, 54; Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, publisher and editor, 71; Mr Alastair Hetherington, former editor of the Guardian, 73; Mr HRF Keating, crime novelist, 66; Mr Barrie Keeffe, playwright, 47; Mr Michael Kitchen, actor, 44; Mrs Angela Knight, MP, 42; Professor Robert Mahler, physician, 68; Mr Charles Moore, editor, the Sunday Telegraph, 36; Mr Malise Nicolson, former chairman, McConnell Salmon Ltd, 71; Mr Tom O'Connor, comedian, 52; Sir Jeremy Rowe, chairman, Occupational Pensions Board, 64; Sir Jimmy Savile, entertainer, 66; Sir Edward Snelson, former international judge, 88; Mr John Sweetman, Clerk of Committees, House of Commons, 62; Sir Derek Thomas, former diplomat, 63; Lady Wilcox, chairman, National Consumer Council, 53.

TOMORROW: Mr Umberto Agnelli, deputy chairman of Fiat, 58; Sir Hugh Bidwell, former Lord Mayor of London, 58; Professor Sir Hermann Bondi, former Master of Churchill College, Cambridge, 73; The Right Rev Laurence Brown, former Bishop of Birmingham, 85; Admiral Sir John Bush, 78; Mr Terence Cuneo, portrait painter, 85; Miss Sharron Davies, swimmer, 30; Miss Victoria de los Angeles, soprano, 69; Mr Michael Denison, actor, 77; Mr George Dobry, circuit judge, 74; Mr Lou Donaldson, alto saxophonist, 66; Miss Tazeena Firth, stage designer, 57; Mr Bruce Grocott MP, 52; Lord Harmar-Nicholls, former MP, 80; Mr David Harris MP, 55; Mr Alec Higgins, underwriter, 78; Mr David Hobson, former senior partner, Coopers and Lybrand, 70; Sir Wynn Hugh-Jones, former diplomat, 69; Mr Roger Kellaway, popular composer and pianist, 53; Mr Andrew Knight, executive chairman, News International, 53; Dr J. Dickson Mabon, former government minister, 67; Miss Naomi Mitchison, novelist, 95; Mr Gary Player, golfer, 57; Mr John Pullen, rugby player, 51; Mr James Ramsden, insurance company director and former Government minister, 69; Mr Gerald Ratner, chairman, Ratners, 43; Mr Lee Ritenour, jazz guitarist, 40.