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The Marchioness of Anglesey, chairman, Broadcasting Complaints Commission, 68; Sir Stephen Barrett, former ambassador to Poland, 61; Lt-Col Sir Simon Bland, royal equerry, 69; Mr Jeff Bridges, actor, 43; Mrs Angela Browning MP, 46; Mr Horst Buchholz, actor, 60; Miss Ann Christopher, sculptor, 45; Mr Ronnie Corbett, comedian, 62; Mr James Cossins, actor, 59; Mr Hywel Davies, jockey, 36; Miss Deanna Durbin (Mme Charles David), former actress and singer, 71; Mr Adrian Head, circuit judge, 69; Mr Jimmy Jewel, comedian and actor, 80; Miss Gemma Jones, actress, 50; Mrs Pamela Winifred Matthews, former principal, Westfield College, 78; Mr Richard Meade, champion three-day- eventer, 54; Mr William Menzies- Wilson, chairman, Edinburgh Tankers, 66; Miss Yvonne Minton, mezzo-soprano, 54; Lord Morris of Castle Morris, principal, St David's University College, Lampeter, 62; Dr AL Rowse, historian, 89; Miss Pamela Stephenson, actress, 42; The Rev Professor Cecil Weir, Hebrew and Semitic languages scholar, 95.