Brazil vs Germany World Cup 2014: Mick Jagger blamed for team's shocking defeat

The musician is used as an unfortunate scapegoat

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Mick Jagger has been blamed for Brazil’s crushing defeat against Germany, in which the team lost 7-1.

Of course, the dismal score had nothing to do with sporting aptitude – but rather was apparently caused by the Rolling Stones frontman, who watched the game at Belo Horizonte yesterday, cheering on the ill-fated host team.

Brazilian fans think that Jagger jinxes any team he supports, nicknaming him Pé Frio —which translates as “cold foot”, a term used to describe individuals who bring about bad luck.

His reputation as an unlucky charm began in South Africa at the 2010 World Cup, when he supported England, the US and Brazil in separate games – all of which lost their respective matches.

This tournament has done nothing to dispel his unfortunate moniker. In May, he said at a concert in Lisbon that he predicted Portugal would win the World Cup – they have been knocked out.

Last month, the singer told 70,000 fans at gig in Rome that he thought Italy would win its game against Uruguay. They lost 1-0 and were forced to head home.

He also tweeted his support for England ahead of their fateful Uruguay game. They too lost. Although this almost definitely wasn’t related to Jagger’s alleged negative energy.