Carly Simon allows ‘You’re So Vain’ to be used for political purposes for first time ever in new anti-Donald Trump ad

The singer is said to be ‘alarmed’ at the thought of the Republican candidate taking office so waived her fee for the use of the song

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For the first time in over 40 years, Carly Simon has reportedly permitted the use of her iconic song “You’re so vain” in a political advert as the advert in question is a rallying denouncement of Donald Trump.

The re-worked song was paid for by the Hillary Clinton-supporting group Patriotic Artists and Creatives (PAC) and contains a montage of less than flattering images and videos of Mr Trump while Simon’s hit 1972 song plays in the background. 

The song is also interluded with disparaging quotes about women Mr Trump has made over the years and his assurances that he is “popular among African-American voters”. Quotes from senior Republicans such as Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush denouncing the real estate mogul and labelling him a “narcissist” are also included.

The lyrics in the hit song remain the same, albeit it for one lyric in the first verse: “Your scarf, it was apricot” in which “scarf” has been replaced with “face”.

This marks the first time Simon has allowed the song to be used for a political campaign and she has also given permission for the song to be used for free, according to Forbes.

The 71-year-old said she had allowed the song to be used as she is “alarmed” by the thought of Mr Trump becoming president.

“On the eve of the next presidential debate, she is alarmed at the prospect of Donald Trump reaching the White House and has joined other creative voices in making a definitive statement,” a representative for the singer told CNN.

Aside from Mr Trump, Simon has been ruthlessly coy about who the song’s original subjects were. Last year, she revealed the second verse of the song is about the actor Warren Beatty who she dated in the 1970s. However, the song is not limited to Beatty and she said two other men were the inspiration behind the lyrics.