Carol Vorderman reveals she is 'covered in burns' after she fell off her treadmill while running naked

Why was Carol Vorderman running naked? We don't have the answers unfortunately

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Carol Vorderman has unintentionally written one of the best tweets of the year after revealing she is covered in burns after falling off a treadmill while running naked.

The former Countdown vowel-slinger explained the unfortunate incident on Twitter after sharing a tweet about a woman who sent an important email with a swear word auto-corrected in.

"I'm pleased your (sic) laughing at my pain #careernosedive" said Twitter user Cakecetera, before Carol offered her sympathies by talking about her catastrophic exercise disaster.

Part of the problem seems to be the treadmill's proximity to the wall, which Vorderman later notes in a follow-up tweet,

The most intriguing part is the bit where she says "(don’t ask)", as surely the question on everyone’s lips is: why was Carol Vorderman on a treadmill naked?

Did she have shoes on? Did that not really hurt her feet? Is naked running a growing trend up and down the UK? Unfortunately Carol does not want us to ask.

She later tweeted a photo of the incriminating treadmill. "Tripped. Fell. Belt running. Trapped at end as close to wall (stupid). Painful…"


This only raises more questions.

The author of this article has contacted Vorderman for comment on the unfortunate incident and we will update it as more news arrives.