Chris Moyles NME cover: Radio X DJ wants 'tampon tax' to be scrapped and announces he might be a feminist

'S**t, maybe I'm a feminist'

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Chris Moyles appeared shocked after realising he might be a feminist half-way through an interview. 

The Radio X host reached his epiphany while speaking with the now free weekly NME magazine about his predominately female team. 

“S***, maybe I'm a feminist,” he said. “My manager is female, my assistant is female, my press person is female and my exec producer is female.”

After declaring himself a possible feminist, Moyles then criticised the cost of female sanitary products. 

“Why do women have to pay for sanitary products? That's crazy. That would never happen if it was the other way around!” 

Moyles, who also once declared himself the “saviour of Radio 1”, has had his fair share of controversial moments during his career, such as offering to take Charlotte Church's virginity after she turned 16. 

Last month Moyles claimed he was axed from Radio 1 Breakfast Show a year before he planned to announce his resignation from the station live on air.

He told The Sun said he wanted to leave after almost ten years at the helm, but was told him it was time to “wrap-up” his position there a year before he got the chance to make the announcement. 

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