Chrissy Teigen sums up how all lazy people feel about the 'supermoon'

Why stay up and watch it when there's another one in just eighteen years?

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Last night the internet went into a mild meltdown at the impending arrival of the supermoon lunar eclipse - a phenomenon that has only been seen five times since 1900. 

But if you couldn’t justify setting your alarm to get up in the middle of the night or disrupting a precious night of beauty sleep, Chrissy Teigen understands. Chrissy Teigan has your back.

She tweeted that, as inspiring as the rare phenomenon actually is, she’d rather wait for the next one to come up, even though it isn’t for another eighteen years.

Truly, she is an inspiration to lazy people everywhere.

The phenomenon was caused by a combination of a supermoon (in which the moon appears brighter and larger from Earth due to the angle of its orbit) and a lunar eclipse (when a full moon passes through the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow).

The result is an eerie, red-hued moon that some people thought might herald the end of the world.

If, like Chrissy, you didn’t see the spectacle - maybe your window faces the wrong direction? - you’re in luck, as you can view other people’s pictures of the moon here.

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