Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine criticised after comparing feminists to Nazis in latest column on barrister Charlotte Proudman

Vine's remarks have not been well received by social media users

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Sarah Vine has been criticised for comparing feminists to Nazis in a recent column commenting on a female lawyer’s decision to publicise sexist behaviour on a professional networking site.

The Daily Mail’s banner for Thursday’s edition ran: “A glam lawyer and the Feminazi’s who hate men who praise their looks” by Ms Vine, alongside a picture of barrister Charlotte Proudman.

The 27-year-old lawyer tweeted an image of the message she received from senior solicitor Alexander Carter-Silk, 57, complimenting her on her LinkedIn photograph on 7 September.



In a controversial column Ms Vine claimed the women who supported Ms Proudman on social media sites were “Feminazi’s, permanently stationed at their computers ready to pounce at the slightest hint of politically incorrect utterance”.

The column has not been well received on Twitter.

Ms Vine’s 1,400 piece went on to say said Ms Proudman’s “hysterical and laughably pompous reaction” to a “trivial” remark made her look “weak and pathetic.”

On Mr Carter-Silk’s comment, the columnist claimed “most normal women would have thought: ‘What a nice man.’”

She added Ms Proudman's motivation to create her “very own media storm” was “not really about helping other women overcome sexism” but instead “about Ms Proudman making sure she’s the absolute centre of everyone’s attentions.”

Ms Proudman defended her actions and said although she was “prepared for the misogynistic response” she hoped her decision “empowers at least one other woman to feel that she doesn’t need to sit back and take sexist ‘banter’.”