Dalai Lama turns 80: Memorable words of wisdom from the Tibetan spiritual leader

Three-day celebrations are underway in California

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Thousands of people across the world are celebrating the 14th Dalai Lama's birthday, who turns 80 today.

Fresh from his stint on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader is showing no signs of slowing down, commemorating the occasion with a three-day celebration in California.

The Global Compassion Summit kicked-off on Sunday with public talks from the Nobel Peace Prize winner on creativity and compassion, while a number of activists and artists performed at Anaheim's Honda Center in his honour.

Today, the Dalai Lama will focus discussions on climate change, wisdom and experience, according to AFP.

But organisers have been clear about one aspect of his birthday – no presents, please.

"The Dalai Lama does not want any physical gifts - for him, this birthday is just like any other day. However if we can help to create a more compassionate, kind planet - that would be the most beautiful gift of all," his personal emissary for peace told the LA Times.

He did however gracefully accept a cake and birthday poem from Patti Smith at Galstonbury.

In lieu of physical gifts, The Independent has compiled some of his memorable words of wisdom to mark his birthday instead.