Daniel Radcliffe tries being a receptionist, proves celebrities can't hold down real jobs

Turns out Hogwarts doesn't set students up for life as a receptionist

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He had the magic touch as boy-wizard Harry Potter, but Daniel Radcliffe has proven that his real-life skills aren’t up to scratch.

The actor went undercover at uber-cool style bible Nylon magazine in New York as part of a hidden camera prank, but quickly became stuck as he didn’t know how to answer the phones.

He also struggled to find the stamps and panicked when he had to sign a package, presumably because the Accio spell doesn’t work in the real world.

Some staffers were totally oblivious to his cheery British accent, but once people clocked him he was taking selfies with the magazine’s staff.

He even had a chat with Joe Jonas, who came to the building for a meeting, although Daniel couldn’t get hold of the right person for him.

So sadly it looks like Radcliffe won’t have a back-up plan if the whole 'acting' thing doesn’t go well.

But it’s oddly comforting to see talented actors fail to do basic tasks in the real world.