David Cameron, Nigel Farage and the real leaders' debate: Nando's versus Harvester

The Prime Minister faced a serious grilling about which grill he preferred on Capital Radio

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David Cameron faced a tough grilling at PMQs today, during which he refused to commit to keeping defence spending and vowed not to down-size the British army.

“We are one of the few NATO countries that does achieve two per cent of spending on defence, and because of that you’re going to see in the coming months and in the coming years a defence equipment programme which I think is second to none in Europe,” he said.

But nothing could prepare him for the grilling he was about to receive when he made an appearance on Capital Radio. Or rather, the eternal question plaguing British politicians – which grill is best? Harvester or Nando’s?

“Everyone’s over in London for the G7 summit,” the host asked. “It’s up to you to order lunch. Do you go to Harvester, the Gordon Ramsay pub or get some chicken in from Nando’s?

Cameron responded: “I’ve been to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, I’ve been to Nando’s and I’ve been to a Harvester. I think Nando’s is the best value for money. I had a very good Nando’s in Bristol.”


Naturally, Nigel Farage was quick to react, telling Guido Fawkes: “Harvester over Nando’s any day, but if you ask me a good local pub can’t be beat.”

Cameron was also quizzed on the all-important topic of which reality TV show he prefers, what he thinks of Obama’s offer to ‘bring Jay-Z in’ on his pre-election campaign to garner the youth vote. 

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