David West death: Stephen Fry heard 'screams' from neighbouring flat

The London nightclub owner was killed on Friday evening

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Stephen Fry has overheard “horrifying screams” believed to be of his murdered neighbour David West.

The club owner, 70, was killed on Friday night in his Piccadilly home, next to his Abracadabra restaurant and HeyJo nightclub. His son, David West, known as “Little Dave”, has been charged with his murder and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today.

A post mortem has revealed that a single stab wound was the cause of death.

“I was at home on Friday night when I heard these horrifying screams and wondered what was going on,” Fry told The Sun.

“I looked out the window and saw Dave’s body taken out of his home and placed on the road outside.

“The emergency services were desperately trying to revive him but were unfortunately unable to do so.

“I saw them place a cloak over him after he had passed away. It’s an absolute tragedy.”

The self-styled “lord” is said to have bought the title of “Lord of the Manor of Hollesley” on eBay. He started his business career with a market stall in Romford, and later went on to make money by selling alcohol from a Calais warehouse called Eastenders.

In 2007, West, known as a flamboyant character, hired Cherie Blair to challenge the smoking ban that was about to be implemented in enclosed public places in England.