Davina McCall: My kids won't inherit any of my money because I plan on spending it

She wants to teach them a solid work ethic. And have a few holidays too.

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Davina McCall has said her children won’t see a penny of her money once she died, because she plans on spending it all first.

The presenter said she wants her children to learn the value of hard work, just like her, and that it was in everyone’s interests for kids to not grow up spoilt.

“I read an article recently that said girls of working mothers go off and have a great work ethic themselves,” she told The Sun.

“I look at my daughters now and have painstakingly told them they won’t be inheriting any money. Me and Matthew plan on spending every penny.”

Davina has an estimated net worth of nearly £3 million, and is mum to Holly, 14, Tilly, 12, and eight-year-old Chester.

But she said that despite her tough approach, her and partner Matthew will use their money to treat their kids.

“We say we will take them on great holidays, and treat their future families to great holidays, but they have to stand on their own two feet.”

Davina’s comments are similar to those made by Tess Daly, who admitted that her and Vernon Kay won’t be providing for their daughters future.

“I’d hate to have a spoilt brat,” she said. “I want them to be appreciative. We’re setting up a pocket money system with my eldest. We’re doing rewards and we’ve explained that we can’t buy her everything.”