Andy McSmith's Diary: CCTV violates human rights? Well, so does being

I cannot understand why civil rights organisations object to CCTV in public places. Nothing in Magna Carta nor the European Convention on Human Rights says you have the right to be invisible walking down the street. When my teenage son was robbed and beaten up, we thought the four culprits would be caught when we learnt that they had been seen hanging around underneath a CCTV camera just before the attack – except, unfortunately, Big Brother was not watching: the useless thing was switched off.

Andy McSmith's Diary: Boles gets a little distracted by a Westminster

As MPs reassembled after the weekend break, ministers from the Communities and Local Government Department assembled to focus their minds on the oral questions they were going to have to answer in the House. That, anyway, is what they should have been doing, but Nick Boles, a very clever junior minister, was focused on his handset, tweeting: “Distracted from Orals prep by this topical question: which of my colleagues would best fill the role of Khaleesi?”