Donald Trump tells naive child 'I am Batman' despite not actually being Batman

Not the hero we deserve... or the hero we need, either

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Ben Affleck is already getting jibes for his broody and potentially disappointing turn as the caped crusader in the upcoming Man Of Steel, but history will be kind to him after Donald Trump declared himself Batman to a small child and ruined the concept of Batman forever.

Trump is no stranger to saying controversial things, from threatening to fight activists, branding Mexicans lazy or having a poor grasp of the menstrual cycle. But his latest controversy is tarnishing the good name of Bruce Wayne and confusing a child in the process.

The aspiring president had offered families a ride in his helicopter at the Iowa State Fai, where he was appearing to help gather support ahead of his plan to rule America.

One child, William, brought a GoPro camera to capture his helicopter ride with Trump.

“Mr Trump,” he is heard saying in the video, which has since been removed.

“Yes?” comes the reply.

“Are you Batman?”

“I am Batman,” Trump says.

Twitter, not adverse to mocking Trump given the opportunity, soon got the hashtag #BatTrump rolling, with memes flying left right and center, typically mixing Bruce Wayne’s innate sense of justice with Trump’s unique lack of empathy.

Donald Trump. Not the hero we deserve. Not the hero we need, either, to be honest.