Donald Trump tweet about screwing everyone over as President except 'friends' comes back to haunt him

With 15.9 million followers and 34,000 tweets, there were bound to be a few that would trip the President-elect up 

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Donald Trump is the unexpected politician with unwavering conviction: he never apologises, never backs down. He’s also the newest member of the political establishment with the most unrestrained presence on Twitter, a combination which becomes increasingly problematic if you are the next man lined up to lead the country. 

Mr Trump’s tweets are now heavily scrutinised, becoming the standard against which his speeches, remarks and those delivered by his family are compared against for instances of glaring irony. Melania Trump’s promise to tackle social media bullying is a memorable case in point. 

A number have come back to haunt him. The President-elect was beaten in the popular vote by Hillary Clinton, who is ahead by more than two million votes, but won thanks to the 290 electoral votes he amassed. This victory came after Mr Trump branded the electoral college “a disaster for democracy“ in a tweet three years before.

The billionaire business magnate hinted he might consider running for the White House on a number of occasions, hints that were widely ridiculed by the likes of President Obama, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, a host of comedians and the public, including one woman who implored him not to run in 2014. This tweet was quoted on his account with commentary added on the end that holds more significance now than most would have ever thought possible. 

Off-the-cuff remarks are proving illuminating in understanding the 70-year-old and the motivations behind his political ambitions. His interview with The New York Times on Tuesday demonstrated this when an unusually sanguine Mr Trump spoke about his aims for the future after a lengthy speech about win, win, winning, where he declared: “To me more important is taking care of the people that really have proven to be, to love Donald Trump, as opposed to the political people.”