Drake labels Madonna's spontaneous on-stage kiss 'a moment to write home about'

He screwed his face and wiped his mouth following the unexpected move

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Was it staged? Did she accidentally bite his tongue? Or was it verging on harassment?

Only two people appear to know what really happened when Madonna fulfilled her long wish of planting a dramatic kiss on Drake midway through his set at Coachella in California.

The rapper screwed up his face and wiped his mouth following the Queen of Pop’s surprise on-stage play midway through his rendition of his specially dedicated new song “Madonna”. Perhaps not a reaction the Queen of Pop was expecting, but one “the internet” has since obsessed over.

And it seemed his follow-up response to the event was equally underwhelming.


Posting on Instagram, the Canadian musician captioned an image of the incident a “moment to write home about”.


Meanwhile, Madonna posted the far more excitable following on Twitter: