Duchess of Cambridge's visual organs weirdly scrutinised following eye-rolling 'incident'

Did Kate roll her eyes again and why does anyone care?

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The Duchess of Cambridge made a facial expression that wasn’t princess perfect last week and the world lost it.

The royal was caught rolling her eyes after someone ordered her to keep wrapping Christmas presents at a children’s centre during her recent trip to New York.

So fascinated did the world become by the eye-rolling ‘incident’ that the Duchess’ optic organs are now the subject of disproportionate scrutiny.

Yesterday, she attended a Scout meeting in London to help the children ones earn their Disability Awareness badge.

She played it as smoothly as ever, wore a scout scarf as a blindfold, played with boxing gloves and squeezed icing onto cupcakes. She donned a hoodie, and plenty of journalists wrote about it. And then she had another lapse in princess etiquette and made another strange expression that could possibly be construed as eye-rolling.

Cue numerous headlines from both the US and the UK, including “Kate Middleton Goes Casual in a Hoodie to Hang With the Scouts, Recycles Now-Infamous Eye-Roll Face”, “Did Kate Middleton Just Bust Out the Eye Roll Again?” and “Kate Middleton's Eye Roll Face is Back While Visiting Scouts”.

The original eye-rolling incident that launched 1,000 headlines


She probably didn’t roll her eyes. She probably never will again, judging by the weird attention her facial expressions receive.

The eye police, it seems, are always watching.