Ed Miliband hits Ibiza after standing down as Labour Party leader

The politician needs to 'get away from it all'

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Ed Miliband may have led Labour to defeat in the General Election, but that doesn't mean that he's not capable of letting his hair down.

The former leader of the political party has a different kind of party in mind after stepping down.

Perhaps hoping to large it up at Pacha, soak up the chilled vibes of Blue Marlin or get down to some filthy beats at F**k Me I'm Famous, Miliband was spotted on a flight to the White Isle with his wife, Justine Thornton.

Labour MP Ed Miliband & his wife Justine Thornton seen arriving at Ibiza airport for a few days holiday

Labour Party sources confirmed that Miliband was going to Ibiza to "get away from it all".


Miliband was defeated at the polls, with the Conservatives claiming enough of a majority to rule on their own. He said he took "absolute and total responsibility" for the loss.

On Monday, Lord Alan Sugar quit the party, criticising it for being too anti-business.

The MP was often the focus of fun on the internet, and the Ibiza news has already sparked jokes.

However, the couple might be in for disappointment, as the Ibiza opening parties aren't until later in the month. Sorry, Ed. You should always check the listings before you go.