Female college students shouldn't attend Spring Break as they 'can’t hold their booze as well as men,' Vice co-founder claims

Gavin McInnes also told Sean Hannity 'stupid lie' of gender equality makes 'women more vulnerable'

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One of Vice's co-founders has condemned parents who allow their daughters to attend Spring Break, blaming the 'stupid lie' of gender equality for making women 'more vulnerable', in a segment on Fox News.

The segment on right-wing talk show, presented by Ainsley Earheart and hosted by controversial chair Sean Hannity, demonstrated the problems commonly associated with the traditional US college break.

After a six minute segment showcasing a beach with mostly female half-naked spring breakers, the report moves into a discussion – but in a split screen format.

Vice co-founder and Fox News contributor Gavin McInnes opens the debate by claiming that the “stupid lie” of gender equality means “you end up making [these] women more vulnerable”.

If you let your son party at Spring Break then you are a “fairly bad” parent, he claims, but letting your daughter go is much worse as “they can’t even hold their booze as well as men.”

Thousands of American university students travel to Florida, South Carolina and locations further afield such as Cancun or the Bahamas, during their spring holiday.

As the numbers attending have increased, fears have been raised over the safety of these students. A recent report, published by the American College of Health, found that the average male claimed to have drunk 18 drinks daily, while the average women consumed 10, during Spring Break.

McInnes’s claims defending Spring Break is a “perfect example of liberals’ cognitive dissonance,” adding they says “‘Everything’s cool — hey, it’s spring break, people party, women are the same as men’”.

Last year, similar coverage by Fox News was heavily criticised by late-night talk show host Jon Stewart, who claimed the majority of the footage featured young, half-naked women and lacked any news value.

Discussing Spring Break, McInnes says: “These women are not as strong as men, and when you let them go down there, you’re a terrible parent.”

“My daughter over my dead body,” agrees Hannity, interrupting one of the female members of the panel to state how he’d never allow his daughter attend the break.

The Vice co-founder, who left the organisation citing “creative differences,” rounds the discussion of by claiming that “equality is a myth”.