Florence Welch on how she started a witches' coven at school

The singer explained how they used to try and get boyfriends

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Florence Welch is never short of a whimsical quote or two, but her friends at school were similarly inclined.

"Me and my two friends made these spell books where we’d try to do spells on our classmates," Welch told Vice's Noisey channel.

"One time, I tried to make one of my classmates fall in love with me so me and my coven put his name in a bottle, and the rule was that there had to be a drop of blood and... well, I don’t know if it ever worked."

Welch, who grew up in south London, also said that she had a fondness for fiction that focused on the supernatural.


"I remember reading a lot of book on Greek mythology like the minotaur being sacrificed to [Goddess of the underworld] Persephone and just being obsessed with The Odyssey and The Iliad," she said.

Welch will be headlining Glastonbury after Foo Fighters dropped off the bill because of frontman Dave Grohl's broken leg.

Previously, she has spoken of her struggle during her breakdown in 2014. "It was a bit of a crash-landing," she said. "In the year off, I was still going to events but something wasn’t quite right, I was spiralling a bit."