Fox News hosts advise women to save their marriages by ‘making the darn sandwich’

The solution to a happy marriage is a simple one, apparently

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A Fox News host has suggested women get back in their kitchens and “make the darn sandwich” if they want a stable and happy marriage.

Panelists on the Outnumbered programme discussed a report claiming Republicans are “far happier and more stable" in their relationships in comparison with their Democratic counterparts.

The study, which came to this conclusion by analysing self-reported data, prompted the hosts to offer some advice on how to save troubled unions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros suggested the “traditional values” that underscore domestic structure in some Republican homes were responsible for all of these happy marriages.

Defending a controversial Glamour article that advised women to “make him a sandwich” after having sex with their partners, she argued:  “This is not transporting women back to the 1950s, it’s just kindness."

Her solution for progressive women to succeed in their marital affairs was to realise that making that sandwich, or whatever the husband wants to eat, is actually just a symbol of respect.

“Then I get crucified by feminists, mostly we know coming from liberal blogs," she continued. "And I just thought, ‘What’s the alternative?’ I mean, ladies, if you want to fight with me all day and be against the side of kindness and respect for the one that you love, that’s a fight I’ll have all day long.”