Fresh from his haka, Prince Harry takes up Maori

Video: Having walked the walk, Harry can now talk the talk

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As he ponders the possibility of finding love and the pressure to match his brother's growing familial entourage, Prince Harry has certainly tried to get away from domestic issues and embrace something new.

During his tour of New Zealand, Harry seems to have found a love for all things Maori. Earlier in the tour, the fifth in line to the throne performed the famous war cry dance, the haka, having had a bit of practice beforehand.

The Prince has now managed to pick up a bit of the local dialect during his time in New Zealand, stumbling through a speech in Maori during a visit to Whanganui on New Zealand's North island.

Watch Prince Harry speak Maori in the video below:

In the speech he said: "Distinguished people gathered here, I, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand, greet you.

"To you the people of Ruapehu Mountain, Whanganui River, Whanganui people. Te pahu o te Ancestral House.

"Special greetings to you all."

Following the speech and greeting, the Prince was put into a traditional Maori waka canoe and paddled up the Whanganui river alongside a number of Maoris dressed in traditional clothing.