Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance explains why David Cameron could never be a Lannister

Actor who plays Tywin Lannister was speaking at the premiere of the drama's fifth series

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Given that Games of Thrones is a drama all about power and sex, it's little surprise that it's attracted comparisons with the people who rule Britain.

For those who haven't seen it, the deadly struggles between clans forms the basis of the plot.

But you shouldn't compare Westminster with Westeros, says GOT star Charles Dance, who plays Tywin Lannister in the programme.


When asked by The Debrief whether David Cameron would be a Lannister, Dance replied: "I don’t think he’s brave enough to be a Lannister, darling."

Dance added that it would be tough to say which character he most related to in real life.

"That is an impossible question to answer," he said. "I thought Ned Stark was great, I love Sean Bean, I was a big fan of Sharpe."

Whether you reckon Cersei, Jamie, Joffrey and Tommen really qualify as "brave" is a matter of personal opinion.