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Games: Chess

IF YOU want to start an argument you can't lose (and surely not win), bring up the differences in sporting standards between the sexes. Judit Polgar, a 23-year-old Hungarian, and top woman, is rated below 18 men on the world list. Judit has been on a winning streak at the European Team Championship in Batumi (Georgia).

Here is her second-round win, as fuel for the argument.

White: Giorgi Kacheishvili

Black: Judit Polgar

Nimzo-Indian Defence

England's women drew 1-1 with Ukraine in round five and beat Lithuania 1.5-0.5 in the sixth. Their star, the Cambridge University student Harriet Hunt, won in both matches.

White: Harriet Hunt

Black: Natalia Zhukova

Centre Counter

Harriet's round five opponent offered her a draw after her move 17 (see diagram). Five moves later her position was in tatters.

Slovakia and Yugoslavia lead the Women's Championship with nine from 12 games, ahead of Bulgaria and Georgia II on 8. England has 7 and Scotland 4 points.

Round 5 results in the championship: Bulgaria vs Armenia 1.5-2.5, Hungary vs England 2-2, Germany vs Russia 2-2, Poland vs Switzerland 3-1, Scotland vs Finland 0-4 and Ireland vs Belgium 0.5-3.5.

England beat the leaders, Armenia, 2.5-1.5 in round six to move into a challenging position in the main championship. They made draws on the top three boards and Murray Chandler won on board four.

Other results from round six are: Hungary vs Poland 2.5-1.5, Germany vs Bulgaria 2-2, Russia vs Netherlands 1.5-2.5, Israel vs Ukraine 1-3.

1 d4 Nf6

2 c4 e6

3 Nc3 Bb4

4 Qc2 0-0

5 a3 Bxc3+

6 Qxc3 b6

7 Bg5 Bb7

8 e3 d6

9 Ne2 Nbd7

10 Qc2 h6

11 Bh4 c5

12 dxc5 bxc5

13 Nc3 d5

14 0-0-0 Qb6

15 Bg3 Bc6

16 f4 Ng4

17 Bf2 Ndf6

18 Bg1 Rfd8

19 h3 Nxe3

20 Bxe3 d4

21 Bd3 dxe3

22 Rde1 Nh5

23 Rxe3 Nxf4

24 Bh7+ Kh8

25 Rf1 Nxg2

26 Rg3 Qc7

27 Ne2 Qe5

28 Qc3 Qxc3

29 Nxc3 Kxh7

29 Rxf7 Rg8

30 Rc7 Rac8

31 Rgxg7 Rxg7

32 Rxc8 Bf3


1 e4 d5

2 exd5 Qxd5

3 Nc3 Qa5

4 Bc4 Nf6

5 h3 Nc6

6 d3 a6

7 Bd2 Qf5

8 Nf3 h5?!

9 Qe2 e6

10 0-0-0 h4

11 d4 Be7

12 Kb1 Bd7

13 Bg5 Nh5

14 Bc1! 0-0-0

15 d5 exd5

16 Rxd5 Qg6

17 Rfd1 Bf5

See diagram

18 Rxd8+ Rxd8

19 Nd5 Rd7

20 Nd4! Bd8

21 Nxc6 bxc6

22 Bxa6+ Kb8

23 Ne3 Rxd1

24 Qxd1 Bf6

25 Qe1 Bd4

26 Nxf5 Qxf5

27 Qe8+ Ka7

28 Qxc6


,ab , b

,hn chn

h,f, ,s,

, ,G,d,f

,D, , n

, V ,F,H


,ACG, ,