Good Morning Britain: Jay Leno's early morning 'cocaine and hookers' talk spices up struggling show

Leno also talked 'escaped murderers sending sexist emails'

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US chat show host Jay Leno stopped in at ITV's Good Morning Britain this morning to discuss the temptation of "cocaine and hookers" just in time for the school run.

Asked by presenter Susanna Reid why he has amassed such a vast collection of cars, Leno replied: "It's still cheaper than cocaine and hookers."

The hosts feigned shock, with Reid warning him: "Remember what time of day it is!", but by this point any controversy is surely a good thing for the floundering show, and indeed a video of the interview was uploaded uncensored and unedited on the ITV website merely moments later.

Good Morning Britain has struggled to find an audience since its launch, with viewing figures declining after its first episode ratings were half that of BBC Breakfast.

Reid's former BBC co-host, Bill Turnbull, guardedly praised her efforts on the show last week though, describing the programme as "interesting".

"I have had a quick look once or twice at Good Morning Britain," he told The Mirror. "It’s interesting. Susanna is a great presenter and has brought a lot to the programme."

Leno, who was similarly candid earlier in the week during an appearance on The One Show, joked during the interview that future Good Morning Britain guests would include "escaped murderers sending sexist emails".

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